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1. plain; simple; unadorned: the naked realities of the matter.
2. not accompanied or supplemented by anything else: a naked outline of the facts.
3. exposed to view or plainly revealed
4. plain-spoken; blunt: the naked truth.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Come All You Weary...

Is it just me, or does Christianity seem to prey almost solely on the poor, the destitute, the underprivileged, and those who have hit rock bottom? I recently saw this video posted to a Christian's facebook:

After watching this, I couldn't help but play out a scenario in my head wherein a similar offer is made to someone who doesn't need it. If the man who is comfortable in his cell doesn't want it, what makes you think that anyone else living a decent life would want it? If I'm happy with my life, with who I am, with the contributions that I make, and if I'm clean, sober, financially stable, and healthy...then what do I need God for? In case I get sick later on, and need his help? It's already been proven time and again that Christians don't get better faster or more often simply because they are Christians. Will God stop someone from becoming an alcoholic? Or is He merely there to help pick up the pieces after you've exercised your "free will"? And how exactly would He help an alcoholic? By allowing them to fall off the wagon and learn the hard way? I can do that on my own, without God. Will God make me richer? Of course not, He'll just be there to oversee all the extra hard work I do, and then take credit for it.

Why did God allow the prisoner in this video to commit the crime that put them in jail in the first place? Free will? Free will seems to be God's practical joke, or some sick way of perpetuating situations that allow Him to come out looking like the hero. Where is the heroism in allowing a man to get drunk, drive, and kill a family in another vehicle, or allowing someone to murder innocent people, or allowing wars to break out and destroy entire countries? They were given the gift of using free will? At what cost? And for what purpose? So that the families of the deceased could walk a closer walk with Christ? If any human being did these things, or stood by and watched them happen without trying to help, how do you think society would treat such a person? Pretty sure that jail time would be involved. But don't worry, God will be there to bail you out in the middle of the night. Huzzah!

And just for the record...jail doesn't work that way. You don't spend 20 years in prison for a crime, only to be rescued in the middle of the night by some guy who paid to get you out. Although it's about as believable as the underlying religious message in this video.

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