Na-ked [ney-kid]

1. plain; simple; unadorned: the naked realities of the matter.
2. not accompanied or supplemented by anything else: a naked outline of the facts.
3. exposed to view or plainly revealed
4. plain-spoken; blunt: the naked truth.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In Your Own Words

I regularly watch videos from TheThinkingAtheist on YouTube. These 2 videos really spoke to me. I can relate to 99.9% of what these people are saying. It's nice to know that there are groups of people out there who think and rationalize the same way that I do. I'm strongly considering doing something like this, using the words of some of my dearest friends. I think it's really important for our voices to be heard on this matter. I'm not proposing that we be obnoxious god-haters, but I've only recently come out of the atheist closet, and already I've been told that it would be in my best interest to keep my opinions to myself. While I'm surrounded by people who have no issues with telling me that they are praying for this and that, and that God has blessed them in this area of their lives, and facebook statuses proclaiming the glory of God, and the miracles of faith....I've been told not to use my voice of reason. That's just wrong.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Pale Blue Dot

These are some of the most humbling words ever spoken by Man. I can't even bring myself to try and supplement the wisdom of Sagan's speech. Please have a listen and leave your comments.